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King Cake Party 2022 👑

Jasmine with @nibblenola and Kat with @katkimballphoto hosted a King Cake party for foodies like myself to showcase King Cakes we all may not have tried before!

Here's the List...

1. Kat with @katkimballphoto galette des rois from la boulangerie

2. Lynn with @lynnwesleycoleman B Sweet Cakes

3. Tiffany with @tiffanylanglinais and @freretnapoleon Dough Nguyeners Vietnamese iced coffee king cake!

4. Mike Graves with @bofbars brought his brand spanking new ice cream kingcakes with 3 different flavors: strawberry cream cheese, honey mint and lavender topped with white chocolate, café au Lait ice cream with white chocolate beignet drizzle

5. Emma with @emmaeatsnola Brennans pink parade king cake!

6. Frank with @nolafoodviews Levee’s Queen Cake

7. Siddhartha with @siddhartha.gram Bywater bakery’s praline filled king cake

8. Carla with @carlaskitchen_ Maurice’s strawberry cream cheese

9. Liza with @_forkitover_ TM breads and pastries raspberry almond king cake

10. Nicole with @eatenpathnola Nolita’s traditional king cake

11. Fender with @travelerbroads the Urban South king cake beer

12. Karen @aintthatphancy hi do barbarian cream

13. Jennifer @brunchbossnola Caluda's Bavarian cream

14. Vieta with @vietacollins galette des rois from Croissant D'Or Patisserie

15. Jasmine @nibblenola Rose King Cake by La Vie En Rose

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